By Kenny and Karen Sherin

SherinFamilyWe continue to be amazed at how God has blessed and multiplied our efforts and partnerships here in South Dakota.  Four years ago, we were blessed to be chosen for the Giving Circle Grant. We had just moved to rural South Dakota.

As CBF missionaries, we work with the CBF initiative Together for Hope, which develops partnerships in more than twenty of the poorest rural communities in the U.S.  Four of the poorest counties in the U.S. are communities on the Native American reservations in South Dakota. Because of the grant, we were able to travel to each of these reservations to learn more.

When we began the ministry in South Dakota, we called this planting “seeds of hope.” Because of the relationships we have developed, we are now able to “build bridges.”  We work to build bridges of hope, bridges of education, and bridges of resources for both Native American and rural communities.

Our focus for ministry here is to: Build Community,  Decrease Poverty, Fight Isolation, and Raise Awareness.  The Giving Circle Grant has greatly impacted our ability to help in these areas.  Thank you for supporting us in those efforts

We are grateful for the relationships and encouragement we receive from churches and individuals in CBF Heartland.   Your support and encouragement mean a lot to our family and to folks in South Dakota!   Thank you!

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