Cornerstone Church in Lee’s Summit MO is what most would consider a small church. At times being small can present challenges. Budgets are tight, manpower is limited, and resources are more difficult to come by. Yet, even with all of those challenges, which sometimes can be discouragements, God puts a call on your hearts and you just HAVE to find a way.

God put a call on the heart of the Cornerstone community to reach out to our friends in the larger surrounding community to offer hope. We figured friendship didn’t cost and that was a tangible way to offer hope, so we began. Friendship led to other tangible expressions of hope, like food. Cornerstone founded a separate 501c3 and called it Coldwater. And with this new partner we could offer much more food.

Then the challenge came as to where to keep all this food. That’s where the CBF Giving Circle stepped in.

Through them we were able to purchase a walk in freezer that can hold all the food we need to feed over 200 friends a hot meal twice a month and send them home with their own meats and other frozen items. The freezer also supports our summer sack lunch program which feeds over 150 kids lunch 5 days a week and 2 neighborhood BBQs weekly that feed over 100 families.

Thank you CBF and the Giving Circle for partnering with us as we offer hope through friendship (and frozen food).

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