Developing leaders for missional churches

What is Emerge?

Emerge is a comprehensive leadership development process for laity. Participants gain a better understanding of their own leadership strengths and style, spiritual formation, church systems, and missional church concepts. Program graduates become more confident decision-makers, more steady supporters to the church staff and more knowledgeable and prepared leaders in times of church planning, growth and conflict.

Emerge leadership training for laity

Self Awareness

Leadership begins with self- awareness and self-differentiation — understanding life history, spiritual gifts, interests, passions, temperament, mentors, generational tendencies, and conflict style.

Systems Awareness

Leadership requires systems understandings, because church life involves negotiating the complex systems that make up the life of any congregation.

Missional Church

Leaders help a congregation understand and fulfill its mission in the community and in the world, using visionary strategies for growth and health.

Spiritual Formation

Participants develop skills in theological reflection and contemplative living and grow in their understanding of God’s movement in their lives.

“I have learned many things about myself…that enable me to be a better team leader in a church setting, corporate setting, or even a family setting.”

“It’s been valuable to me to be able to talk freely about challenges our church faces with people from other churches who have an unbiased perspective.”

“I believe Emerge will help me be a more effective leader both in my church and in my personal life.  I would highly recommend this program to others.”

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