By Roger Driskill

At CBF Heartland’s invitation, I have been invited to share comments and reflections on a trip I took with others to Grand Goave, Haiti, in July. You may stop here if you are expecting anything profound.

Jenny Jenkins, the CBF field person in Grand Goave and our host, is amazing. Her daily routine is at least 14 hours at 6-7 days a week. Her personal story is unforgettable. Hearing her share about walking away from her dream job with a dream employer in her dream city was worth the trip by itself. She never stops. I don’t know how long the word missionary has been replaced by the term field personnel, but she is on a mission. Jesus has her undivided attention. She has a core team of Haitians consisting of about 12-13 persons, i.e. assistants, food preparation, maintenance and security—together with others. They also are engaged in ministry in their way as well. It is truly interesting to see the dynamic of these relationships at work. Her work is being multiplied. Fascinating.

Haiti is poor or poorer than you can imagine. My friend Mark Buhlig once commented if you do nothing more than spend money in Haiti or send money to Haiti, you are still helping people in need. Adding Christ is even better.

One of the people in the group commented on her initial impression of Haiti, “Where do you start?” It is an overwhelming situation, yet we are compelled to just take the next step.

It is very easy and comfortable to be in the routine we create for ourselves. Being in a different culture and seeing the Kingdom at work is the most memorable impression for me.


Roger Driskill is an attorney and a member of Second Baptist Church in Liberty, Mo.