Developing an effective and positive public witness

CBF aims to spread the hope of Christ through service to those that are neglected and marginalized through encouraging, equipping and promoting the voices of advocates within the Fellowship as they encounter need. CBF seeks to encourage new advocacy as an outgrowth of our collective mission efforts. In doing so, CBF ministers and lay leaders exercise responsible Christian citizenship by modeling a more effective, positive and inclusive public witness.

Through these efforts, we hope to:

  • Promote civility
  • Develop new ways for individuals to follow their passions within CBF life — particularly laity and young Baptists
  • Encourage compromise when it leads to progress
  • Speak out on behalf of others and help others to find and use their own voice

Advocacy in Action

Learn more about CBF’s partnerships and work at the Advocacy in Action event. You can find out more about the event on the CBF website (