One component of my job is to discover, foster and promote resources for missional churches. Those resources come from a variety of places:

From Partners

I recently got an email from Bo Prosser, Coordinator for Missional Congregations at CBF, entitled “An exciting new film about poverty from Sojourners.”  His email described a 30-minute documentary called “The Line” which features real people, their economic struggles, and their inspiring and creative responses to the challenges they face. Partners like CBF and Sojourners can provide great resources to congregations.

From Staff

Yesterday, a pastor in St. Louis called me to discuss his church’s upcoming Advent initiative. First he asked about marketing ideas in general. Then he asked if I knew anyone who could help with graphic design. My answer: “Sure! I can. I’ve helped churches with initiative like this before, and I’d be happy to help your church too.” CBF Heartland staff is here to provide a wide variety of personalized resources for churches in our area; call on us anytime.

From the Community

The greatest untapped reservoir of missional resources is you! CBF is a network of Christians and churches, and each one has unique gifts, skills and resources to share. What resource will you share with the CBF community?