Resources and Information for Ministers

CBF Heartland values and nurtures the pastor relationships and health. Ministers benefit from networking, learning opportunities, confidential conversations and support in times of difficulty or crisis.


Church Benefits provides retirement benefit options for ministers and staff members of churches that partner with CBF. Their work goes beyond delivering a robust and comprehensive retirement plan and includes maintaining an overall benefit package with life and disability insurance and international medical coverage for international mission trips. For more information, visit

Peer Learning Groups

A key element of ministerial health is the support of peers through shared learning. CBF is committed to supporting ministers in their local congregations by helping them find connection and community among other ministers. For more information, visit our Peer Learning Groups page.

Reference and Referral

Leader Connect is the résumé-matching service developed by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as a part of our reference and referral service. CBF Heartland staff is also available for confidential conversations, coaching and recommendations.

Church Transitions

Bridge to an Interim is a resource provided by leadership of CBF Heartland. Stated simply, CBF Heartland will provide a supply preacher for four Sundays to give church leadership time to deal with the departure of one pastor and prepare for an interim pastor. To learn more about how this resource can benefit your church, contact Jeff Langford or Harold Phillips