PAUSE Retreat

A conference for college students and recent graduates

PAUSE College Retreat

February 9-11, 2018

Cost: $60 per student

Join other students at Windermere for a weekend of worship, recreation, learning, and making new friendships.

Our theme this year is “Community, Reconciliation, and the Mission of God.” In large and small group formats, we will focus on building community that brings honor and glory to God in a diverse world. We will specifically address how reconciliation can bring lasting peace and healing to our relationships.

Our guest speakers are Edem and Pamela Dzunu, founders of Baobab People, a community organization that seeks opportunities to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and encourage cross-cultural understanding and to work towards racial reconciliation and healing. Dr. Dzunu is an adjunct professor and Pamela is an instructor at Washington University in Saint Louis.

They are proud parents of a three year old son, Etornam. They worship as a family at Third Baptist Church in Saint Louis.