Fellowship Sunday

Worship and education customized for each congregation

Fellowship Sunday is a CBF-themed Sunday, hosted by a local congregation and adapted to its needs and interests. The goal of Fellowship Sunday is to help inform and equip each host church for more effective ministry and mission. The event will also create opportunities for a stronger partnership between CBF Heartland, the local congregation and individuals through broader and deeper relationships.

What does a Fellowship Sunday involve?

Components of Fellowship Sunday are tailored to the needs expressed by the host church. These could include:

  • CBF leadership of one or more Bible Study classes, requested by the host church.
  • A CBF guest preacher in the worship service(s)

Based on the desires of the host church, a Fellowship Sunday could also include:

  • Skype video call with CBF field personnel
  • Fellowship luncheon with presentation from a CBF leader
  • Special training or seminar on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon
  • Service project on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon


Resources and personnel that could be a part of Fellowship Sunday are plentiful and would be catered to the church’s needs and requests.