CBF Heartland's Story

Where we came from. And where we're going

CBF Heartland began as the Baptist Fellowship of Missouri in 1991; its mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given purpose. In 1992, our name changed to CBF of Missouri, reflecting our connection to the newly-formed Cooperative Baptist Fellowship organization.

We became CBF Heartland in January 2013. The name change reflects our inclusive spirit, as we welcomed churches from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois into our network. About fifty churches either have CBF in their budgets or allow members to give to CBF as a designated gift. In addition, many individuals contribute directly to CBF Heartland and CBF nationally.

Learn more about CBF on their website: www.cbf.net

Inspiring Leaders

CBF Heartland helps identify and develop leaders for churches and ministries throughout the Midwest. The future of our work together hinges on the vitality of faithful leaders

Transforming Missions

CBF Heartland works to cultivate holistic mission efforts among the “least of these,” missions that transform lives, communities and the way we see others and the world.

Engaging Communities

CBF Heartland is an association of vibrant churches being the presence of Christ in their communities. We are a network of individuals, putting faith into action in compelling and innovative ways.